How To Tell If a Sex Doll Website is Legit?

How To Tell If a Sex Doll Website is Legit?

You’ve been searching for a sex doll to buy and finally find the perfect one for you. She has a gorgeous face and body and you can’t wait to own her. There’s just one problem: You never heard of the website and don’t know if you’re going to get scammed or not. Are they legit?

Did you know that 90% of sex doll websites sell counterfeit/imitation products? Read this article to find out signs of scams and how to tell whether a website is legitimate or not.

1. Do Not Buy From Aliexpress/Alibaba, Ebay, or Amazon

Top sex doll brands DO NOT sell on marketplace websites such as Aliexpress, DHgate, Ebay, or Amazon. You will not find legitimate, top-brand dolls on any of these websites. Anyone can sell anything on these websites, and 99% of the time, dolls on these sites are cheap, imitation dolls using the photos from top brands.

2. Check For Legitimate Prices

Price is a good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy or not. Sex dolls under $1000 is a very obvious sign of a scam. The price is appealing, but no legitimate sex doll sells for that cheap (unless it’s a mini-doll). Legitimate TPE sex dolls usually sell for around $1500-$2000+ (depending on the brand and size) and Silicone sex dolls usually sell for around $2000-$3000.

Silicone Lovers is a TDF-approved supplier we trust and their site give a good sense of how much sex dolls should cost. Their prices are fairly low already so any sites with prices lower than Silicone Lovers comes off as sketchy. Sexy Sex Doll is also a great, trusted site to compare prices.

3. They Must Show the Doll Brand Names

Most legitimate sex doll stores carry multiple sex doll brands, such as WM Doll, 6YE, Piper Doll, etc. The doll’s product page should clearly mention the brand of the doll. If a website does not show the doll brand or claim to be the brand (i.e. a website called XYZDolls claiming that their dolls are XYZDolls brand when they clearly use photos from other brands) are red flags not to trust the website. Websites they don’t show the brand usually manufacture or sell imitation dolls.

4. Good English/Grammar

This only applies to sex doll stores in English. Usually the English and grammar can be an indication of whether a website is trustworthy. There’s nothing wrong with a few typos but continuous bad English and grammar usually gives off a red flag. Many Chinese manufacturers and sellers of imitation dolls create websites in English to sell to the West, and their poor English makes it obvious. Avoid websites with badly written English and grammar.

5. Fast and Good Customer Service

Before buying from a website, always contact their customer support first, preferably through email. Most websites have live chat, but they may not always be online. Ask them many questions through email and see how quickly and well they respond. It’s also great if they have a phone number, and you can try calling them. If they reply fast, with good English/grammar, and are professional and polite, that is a good sign that they can be trusted.


Found a website and would like to know whether it’s legit or not? Feel free to comment below and I can tell you what I think.

You can also check out our list of trustworthy sex doll websites here:

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  1. Stephen

    whats the best site to go to im confused

  2. Patrick

    Hello, is a good ordering site..? made an order and little scared bow after looking deeper into this stuff..

    1. Steven

      Hello Patrick,
      Absolutesexdoll is not a legit site. You will receive a low quality, counterfeit doll from them. I would cancel the order if it’s not too late, but it’s up to you.

  3. Michael

    Is it possible to buy doll not made in china?

    1. Steven

      Hello Michael,
      RealDoll by Abyss Creations is made in the US. As far as I know, they are the only sex doll brand not made in China.

    1. Steven

      Hello Mike,
      Kikdolls definitely sells counterfeit dolls. They take other brands’ photos and manufacture imitations of them so it won’t look the same as in the photos. I did a bit of research and the doll you linked appears to be either an ALY doll or Hanidoll. These are more obscure brands so I don’t know much about them, but Beautiful-dolls (which should be legit) offers ALY dolls here: I’m not sure if it’s the correct brand though.

      1. mike

        Good call, I actually found that exact same doll’s face but on a more reasonable (has breasts) body.

  4. Tom

    In doing research and due diligence I came across a site called which seems to be a well designed site with a wide variety of dolls by most all manufacturers. It is China based from what I can tell, but is is not on the legit list. What is your opinion of this site?

    1. Steven

      Hello Tom,
      FineLoveDolls is a legitimate seller and should be safe to order from. They are based in China and I’m usually not a big fan of China-based vendors, but from what I’ve seen and read, FineLoveDolls is a legit vendor.

  5. Kevin Hughes

    Good morning
    What about California sex dolls.

    Is that a legit site?

    There prices seem to be in line with what you say is the correct price,
    Usually between 1400-3000.

    They also offer payment plans too.


    1. Steven

      Hello Kevin,
      Do you mean California-Dolls? Their pricing seems correct but they don’t mention the doll brands which is a big red flag for me. If you look at dolls a lot, you will easily recognize WM Dolls and JY Dolls, but California-Dolls does not mention the brand name so you don’t know if they are authetic or counterfeits. They also don’t offer all the customization options. For example, you cannot choose skin color, eye color, breast type, etc. I personally wouldn’t order from them.

  6. Paul


    I have been spending a couple months doing research and looking at many websites that sell sex dolls. I also joined TDF and have scoured their site, as well. What is mind boggling is how many dolls there are available in seeming every body style and size. It’s amazing. Where I get confused is when I see some websites sell models of dolls that are appealing, but they may not be offered at mainstream websites. A couple of the websites I am looking at that I am considering ordering from (but only after doing due diligence) is: and I have not seen much of the former, but I have read that the latter is recognized by TDF–but that there have been some complaints.

    Can you comment on either of these websites? Also, I have noticed from perusing different sites, that some manufacturers produce dolls that are featured on some sites, but not on others. For example, I saw what is clearly a Piper Doll doll on a few sites that is not to be found on others. It’s confounding to me why this is. Maybe that is simply the choice of the vendor. I dunno.

    Well, thanks for providing this service to us doll hounds.

    1. Steven

      Hello Paul,
      Firstly, I do not recommend They are the only TDF-approved vendor that I do not trust. Many people have been scammed by them. Like Yourdoll, Beautiful-dolls is also based in China (but they are probably more trustworthy, they have been on TDF for 9 years). Because of this, they have more access to and knowledge of not-so-well-known brands in China. Most vendors just have the mainstream top brands because they are the most popular and the best in terms of quality.
      In terms of why certain sites have some dolls and not others, it’s because they choose which dolls to add to their catalogues, and may omit dolls that they don’t think will sell, dolls with potential legal problems, or maybe they just haven’t had time to add it yet, among other reasons. Dolls have to be manually added and it ultimately comes down to the vendor’s choice.

  7. Mike

    Hey Steven do you know where I can buy a small doll like 100cm or torso for around $500?

    1. Steven

      Hey Mike,
      Unfortunately, I am not an expert on small dolls or torsos. A Kimberdoll is a full-size doll (158cm) that costs $500, and DollHouse168 recently released a 80cm doll for around that price ( I heard good things about it but it’s very small. Otherwise, I don’t know too much about mini dolls or torsos unfortunately.

  8. Hector

    I just read through this and I bought a doll on Amazon for like $420. It shipped on Monday and I await its arrival. I really hope it’s a good doll and not a crappy fake. Trying to find a good one with a low budget it hard XD

    1. Mike

      alright, thanks, yes Kimberdoll is a sweet value a bit overwhelming tbh lol, I’ll check Dollhouse 168 again, thanks again

  9. Tom

    I have seen some of the most beautiful dolls at jsdolls. They almost look too real and priced right at $1000 or so for full size 165cm dolls. My guess is too good to be true. What is your opinion?

    1. Steven

      Hello Tom,
      You are correct. It is too good to be true. JSDolls sells counterfeit/imitation dolls. Their prices are way too low and they use photos from a variety of brands including WM Doll, JY Doll, and Irontech. SiliconeLovers is a trusted site that sells all those brands so you can get an authentic one from them, but authentic ones cost a lot more than $1000, but the quality will be much better. Most of the trusted vendors here ( also sell those brands. You can also send me the link to any dolls you like on jsdolls and I can tell you the actual brand name. Hope that helps.

    2. Tom

      Thank you. I am currently looking at some extremely beautiful dolls at sex doll shop but they are right at $2000 so since this is not a need but something that would be very nice, I think it will be a while before I can justify paying for a doll. They sure are fun to look at though. Thanks again. By the way, you did mention that Kimberdoll is a good quality doll, would you suggest that would be a good place to start since the price is in my ballpark.

      1. Steven

        Yes, KimberDoll is a good quality doll at only $500. It’s a good beginner doll to get an idea of what sex dolls are like and whether or not you should invest in more expensive sex dolls. The only downside is that KimberDolls only come in 1 head and 1 body style so you either like the way she looks or you don’t.

  10. Billy

    I want to purchase the Olivia doll from and am not sure if I can trust it. Can you take a look at it and tell me what you think. Or where i could purchase that exact doll from a trustworthy site. I want her so bad! Lol thanks

    1. Steven

      Hello Billy,
      Kikdolls sells counterfeit dolls the last I checked. They are not trustworthy site to order from. The “Olivia” doll from their site is a 100cm WM Doll with Head #103. You can technically get her from any vendor that sells WM Doll, but many of them do not choose to sell 100cm dolls.

  11. Azurel Wynd

    Any good sites that offer a midget doll?

    1. Steven

      Hello Azurel,
      According to Wikipedia, any adult under 147cm is considered a “dwarf” (that’s the term they use). Most sites have dolls under 147cm, so check any of the trusted sites here: and you should be able to find some.
      For most brands (except Piper Doll), you can mix and match the bodies and heads so you can have a short body and older-looking head.

  12. Eric

    Is a legitimate site for sex dolls?

    1. Steven

      Hello Eric,
      Do you mean They seem to be a doll rental site with an option to purchase the doll. From what I saw, I don’t think they are selling authentic dolls. They use photos of JY Dolls and WM Dolls, but there’s no mention of the brand name, the specifications aren’t entirely correct (The “Mia” doll is supposed to be a WM Doll 166cm, but is listed as 158cm), the prices are too low for an authentic doll, and their customization guide mixes and matches JY heads with WM heads, which shouldn’t be compatible. If you plan to purchase a sex doll, I would not recommend their website.

    1. Steven

      Hello Steven,
      Kikdolls is not a legit site. They sell counterfeit/imitation dolls, and it’s easy to tell from their unrealistically low prices. Unfortunately, I do not know where to find that doll. It is not manufactured by a well-known factory, and it is not a brand I recognize. It’s probably from a brand more recognized in China and Japan but not in the West. There’s no way of knowing if Kikdolls is even selling the real version of that doll or just an imitation. Probably an imitation since they don’t mention the brand name.
      If you want to find a similar looking doll, take a look at the brands: Doll House 168, Piper Doll, AXB Doll

      1. Mike

        Thanks Steven! It was an AXB Doll and I found it! 😀

        1. Steven

          Hey Mike,
          Glad you found out the brand name. I thought maybe it was an AXB Doll because they are most well-known for making “those” kinds of dolls. From what I heard, AXB Doll makes pretty good quality dolls, but it is pretty much impossible to find an AXB Doll vendor in the West for obvious reasons. I will leave it at that. Good luck.

        2. Brian

          Hello Mike! I was curious if you could share with me where you found the Zara doll as I am looking for the same one, thanks for your time.

  13. Michael

    Great site,hope people find it before they get screwed.gemsdolls seems very shady but to be sure ask the man who knows,what do u think?scammers? They may be in cahoots with xqueen who also seems to be unsavry.

    1. Steven

      Hello Michael,
      What is gemsdolls? I tried looking them up but couldn’t find anything. Xqueen definitely sells counterfeit/imitation dolls. Their prices are far too low. They use photos from top brands like WM Doll but what you get is a low-quality, imitation of what you see in the photos. Basically a bait-and-switch.

      1. Michael

        GEMSexdoll seemed like good site but so many sites seem legit.real life sex dolls had some new dolls i dont think i,ve seen before,an a few I see on most sites.

        1. Steven

          Gemsexdoll is definitely a counterfeit doll seller. If you see a WM Doll 166C (166cm C-cup) for under $1500, then that pretty much tells you it is not an authentic doll. WM Doll used to require vendors to price the 166C above $2000. That has since changed, but you will never see it under $1500. It’s usually around $1800-$2000.
          As for Reallifesexdolls, I don’t trust from them because they don’t mention the brand names. All legitimate vendors will at least mention the brand name. Most of their photos are of WM Doll and JY Doll, with a few other oddballs in there, but no brand names tells me they are probably not authentic dolls. Also all the customization options (including wig options) are the same for every doll which it shouldn’t be if those are real WM and JY Dolls. I recommend taking a look at my trusted site list if you plan to purchase a genuine doll.

  14. Dmitriy


    Is sex doll alley a legit website?

    1. Steven

      Hello Dmitriy,

      I looked at their website and they are clearly a imitation/counterfeit doll seller. Their extremely low prices make it very obvious. I would not order from them.

  15. Dave

    I’ve been researching for a doll for a while now, actually purchased one from Kikdolls – yet after the transaction was made, I was informed the doll was out of stock. I cancelled my order, and had to verify with my credit union that the transaction was refunded. I am now looking at ESDOLL, and they have a good coupon deal. I am also considering VeaLove dolls, what do you think about these two sights?

    Thank you for any information,

    Dave –

    1. Steven

      Hello Dave,
      Sorry for the late reply. Both ESDOLL and Vealove Dolls are counterfeit doll sellers. Their prices make it very obvious to tell. They have WM Doll photos but are selling them at a fraction of the price. You won’t ever see a WM Doll under $1000 (except the 100cm model). WM Dolls are usually $1400-2000+. If you order from these sites, you will get a sex doll, but it will be a low quality counterfeit/imitation doll and won’t look like the photos. It really depends on your budget and whether you would settle for an imitation doll. I think it would be a waste of money.

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